Thursday, December 16, 2010

Love's Baby Soft Is Not Extinct, But It's Sure Retro!

Photo by Blog Utopia

I was out with my girlfriend Megan a few nights ago, doing something we love: hitting thrift stores to find both bargains and amusement.

In one of the many bric-a-brac aisles, heavy with candles and knick-knacks, she saw a bottle of Love's Baby Soft perfume and grabbed it like it was gold.

This perfume, she explained, is what the "older girls" wore in the early 1980s when she, herself, was just a youngster. Love's Baby Soft represented that portal to perfume maturity, an opportunity to be grown up and sexy like, well, MADONNA. 

"Don't they MAKE this stuff anymore?" I asked. "You have to get it online with eBay or score it in thrift stores or something?"

No, Megan admitted, it wasn't like Love's Baby Soft is EXTINCT. Apparently it's still being manufactured. But only the most well-stocked perfume outlets like Perfumania have Love's Baby Soft dependably in stock.

She was still clutching the bottle in her hand as she explained this. It was pretty clear she wasn't letting it go, so we had to buy it. But at least I learned there is such a thing as "retro perfume."

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  1. I 'love' just seeing that bottle again! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!


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