Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Packaged Bananas By "RaceTrac Fresh Fruit to Go" ARE THE DEVIL!!!!!

Photo by Blog Utopia

I encountered this clear and unmistakable sign of the environmental apocalypse while I was in the Dallas/Fort Worth area last October, gassing up at a convenience store.

Oh. My. God.

Didn't anybody notice bananas have a peel? What is that peel intended for by God Almighty, if not to keep the fruit inside clean and fresh? I mean, does anybody EAT THE PEEL? OK, since nobody eats the peel, what's wrong with just selling bananas the way they come?

To be fair, I have read about individuals who dry out banana peels and smoke 'em to get high, but I hardly think that's relevant.

OR IS IT?! Because this "second layer of banana packaging" is a bad, bad idea...the kind of idea somebody might conceive while intoxicated on a substance which, while perfectly legal, may be highly inappropriate for inhalation.

SHAME ON YOU, RACETRAC FRESH FRUIT TO GO!!!! Click here for their website. Boo. Boooooooooooo!!!!!

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