Saturday, August 30, 2014

As If There Isn't Enough Advertising On Television, An Applebee's In Minneapolis Puts Advertising ON THE TELEVISION...

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A couple months ago I was at Applebee's in Stadium Village, Minneapolis with my son, where I have to admit the half off happy hour appetizers are pretty hard to beat. But all was not perfect with my Applebee's appetizer experience...

Check out their television, pictured above, plastered with an advertisement for Fat Tire beer ($1.00 off during Happy Hour).  

Really, isn't there enough advertising on television without putting more advertising QUITE LITERALLY ON THE TELEVISION ITSELF? 

I don't know why, but the whole time when I was trying to tune into the game, half-heartedly, (I barely watch sports except for the halftime shows or news recaps of fatal NASCAR accidents) I couldn't stop looking at that advertisement, so intrusive and jarringly out-of-place. 

This is a bad trend. I say let it stop here and now. 

No complaints, however, about the appetizers. 

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